• Per Game
  • $ 10
  • per person
  • per game
  • 2 Games
  • $ 17
  • per person
  • 2 games
  • 3 Games
  • $ 25
  • per person
  • 3 games

An innovative new game that takes the best of some of our favorite action-packed activities: paintball and laser tag, and makes Lazerball Soft. This adrenaline packed game will keep you running, leaping, and laughing the entire time as you chase down the opponent team to rack up points and take the win. Players are equipped with a sensor vest tracking scores and fully loaded paintball marker shooting foam balls that give you the authenticity of real combat. Bring your friends, team up, and compete in our Glow-in-the-Dark environment where the walls come to life! This game is good for all kids over 6, so bring your family and compete.

In our Space Station we have an area designated for your battle training. Your goal is to incapacitate your opponent, which will give you plenty of time to leave in our speed of light travel space ship to your new and Final Destination