Dear Future Clients and new members of our Planet,

Our top priority is the safety of our guests and the enjoyment of our planet.  We have been working extremely hard to bring to you a new but safe experience for you and your family.  As a parent myself, my goal is to have my kids enjoy their childhood in these hard times, while keeping them safe.  This is why we have implemented a Reservation Only policy.  This will help us maintain an amount of people per hour that is safe and keep your group socially distant form other groups.  You and your group (6 minimum) will reserve a one- or two-hour slot and will get to enjoy all of our attractions with out the need to worry of interacting  other groups.  This includes birthday parties.

Steps we are taking to keep you safe:

  • We hired a company specializing in sterilizing all of our facility’s surfaces. This procedure keeps the facility clean for 30 days.  We repeat this process every 25 days.
  • In addition to this deep cleaning, we will be disinfecting common service areas throughout the day including tables and chairs AFTER EVERY USE!
  • All employees will be wearing mask and gloves and in some occasions face shields.
  • Every employee will have their Tempeture checked before their shift.
  • We will be wiping down all of our material that is shared such as Lazerball guns, vest and glasses, Soccer ball, trigger buttons, etc.
  • We have hand sanitizers outside each attraction and along the facility.
  • Public touch points such as door handles, and knobs will be cleaned and sanitized regularly.

Before this pandemic, our goal was to create a place where kids can value our planet and plant a seed to make a change.  That mission is stronger than ever.  We want your kids to enjoy a place while understanding there needs for a change so we can enjoy our planet for many generations to come.

Until then,

Jorge Espinosa