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Planet Revo is a place that was born from an idea of wanting to create a place for kids where they can enjoy unique and one-of-a-kind activities while teaching them the importance of taking care of our planet. Our activities are focused on keeping your kids active and engaged in a safe environment while you take a break and watch them enjoy their time or even go on a shopping spree on the Festival Mall where we are located. Here you will get to enjoy a one of a kind soccer game, a Lazerball battle, get into a time freak zone or enjoy the amazing augmented wall climbing.

You are the last group that was able to leave earth before it was destroyed. When you arrive at our Space Station R-91, you will be thoroughly disinfected and placed in a quarantine squad. Here you will be for 4 weeks. Each week you will be trained on a different skill you will need before going to our Planet Revo.



Glow Soccer 10

On our planet, you need to play Glow Soccer or Glow Basketball so you can develop your lungs to breathe the dense air we have at Planet Revo. You will learn that instead of competing and focusing on your rival, you will focus on your own team and learn how to cooperate. The word competition does not exist in our language and through cooperation, you will succeed in this new planet.



In planet Revo you need to climb for your own food. In our interactive wall you will be trained to be a great climber so you are ready to face the task the moment you arrive at your new planet.



You will learn how to deactivate a nuclear reactor in case of an emergency in our time Freak zone. You will be given 2 minutes and you will need to turn off a series of buttons to deactivate the reactor before it is too late. If you are the fastest, you will be given the task of the Nuclear reactor keeper while you are at our space station.




Last but not least, you will be given first defense training in our battle simulator in case you encounter hostiles on your travels to Planet Revo. Here you will learn how to incapacitate your opponent so you can continue on your journey. By the time your opponent reawakes you will be long gone, and will continue on your travels.




We need to make sure your reflexes are sharp , so how about a game of dodgeball to sharpen those skills.